This is the Beginning

Welcome to a voice of reason in a world of insanity, where the many look out for the needs of the few whilst believing that it is the other way round.

Through the years I have sat and watched, I have seen intersting things I have seen amazing things and I have seen things that should not have been allowed to happen but did.

But in the end it is true that there is very little one person can do on his own, we need to stand as one, after all it is proven that throughout history great things happen when humanity stands together.

Now that is all in the hands of politicians a few people that claim to be selected by the people for the people. But as we all know a lot of people choose not to vote, does this mean they are lazy. No

It means they believe that no matter who you vote for the outcome is always the same, there is no change in a single minded system.

If you can also see this, see the corruption that plagues out society make your mark, violence is not needed, nor is protest. For in this world knowledge is power, just by seeing the corruption you already have made your move. You decisions will be more informed and actions your own.

But if you cannot see of what I speak, then carry on living as you have, when the changes comes, you will be the last to notice, but the first to rejoice 

Maybe it is time for change.

Nigrum Veritas

Numbers - 1, 3, 5, 8 

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